February 2007 to date - Nampa Housing Authority received a Public Housing Assessment System Score (PHAS) of 92 percent and a designation status of HIGH PERFORMER.  As of July 2013, NHA continues to be a high performer for the 2013 Capital Fund year.  Scoring for PHAS is based on the following:
     1)  Physical- The condition of the housing authority's dwelling units, which are inspected by the
          U.S. Department of Housing, are evaluated on the quality of the following:
                     *  Physical site
                     *  Building exterior
                     *  Building systems
                     *  Common areas
                     *  Dwelling unit interior
                     *  Health and safety features
     2)  Financial- Scores are evaluated on Submission of Financial Statements for fiscal year end,
          based on the following indicators:  
                     *  Ability to cover current obligations
                     *  Ability to operate using net available resources without relying on additional funding
                     *  Ability to collect resident receivables in a timely manner
                     *  Measures extent of maximizing rental revenue
                     *  Measure of operating cost per unit
                     *  Ability to manage the net income (loss) to maintain a balanced budget.  
     3)  Management- Scores are based on the following:
                     *  Vacant unit turnaround time
                     *  Work orders
                     *  Annual inspection of dwelling units
                     *  Security
                     *  Economic Self-Sufficiency
     4)  Capital Fund- Based on the following: 
                     *  Timeliness of the Capital Fund Obligation- must be 90% or higher
*  Occupancy Rate percentage points- must be 93% or higher

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November 2010- Nampa Housing Authority received an approval for the Final Performance and Evaluation Report for all expenditures on this grant.  All costs were approved on the September 30, 2010 fiscal year end financial audit.
March 2009 - The U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded Nampa Housing Authority an Annual Contributions Contract (ACC) Grant for the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  This Grant will be used for energy efficiency purposes by replacing old air-conditioners and furnaces in various units authority wide.  Nampa Housing Authority will be going out for bids and will hire the most qualified responsive bidder to be contracted for the job.  To access the Annual Statement/Performance and Evaluation Report, click the link below.  All certifications for this grant required by HUD can be reviewed at NHA upon request.