The Resident Opportunity Supportive Services is funded through two Ross Grants. The Family Self-Sufficiency Program and ROSS Service Program are voluntary for housing authorities.  Both programs are designed to help Nampa Housing Authority participants become economically independent and self-sufficient.

The Family Self-Sufficiency Cooridinator and ROSS Service Coordinator, in collaboration with service providers and county agencies, provide help with a variety of issues, such as education or job training.

If you are a current Nampa Housing Authority resident and would like to become a participant in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program or ROSS Program, please call (208)466-2601 to be placed on the waiting list.

                                                HIGH SCHOOL PROJECT HOUSE

The project house is a non-federally funded program in which the local governing body, under the Nampa Urban Renewal Agency, donated two city lots on the North Side of Nampa along with a donation of 82,632 for start up funds to construct the first of two homes. Labor used in construction was donated by volunteer students from Skyview and Nampa High, as part of a student training program. Electrical, plumbing, excavation and finish work was paid for out of the initial donation. Once constructed, the homes were sold to a graduate of the Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) and proceeds from the sell was used to construct the next home. The Project House is set up as a fund that is independent of the other three Primary Government Funds. Keeping in mind Housing Urban Development’ (HUD’s) national goal of homeownership, NHA has developed this program and is very proud of the accomplishments made in providing affordable housing for families who otherwise may not have had opportunities to become homeowners in the fair market.  HUD has been very supportive of NHA’s endeavors in this area and has encouraged NHA to seek out further funding opportunities.

"A house is made
of walls and beams;
a home is built
with love and

 To access article on Celebrating Homeownership from Northwest Notes, U.S. Dept. of Housing and   
  Urban Development -Office of Public Housing, Region X - Click on this link  

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