About Nampa Housing Authority

Nampa Housing’s Mission is to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing under good repair. Public housing programs are administered at the local level by PHAs which are Non-Federal public agencies authorized by State legislation and generally established by the action of a town, city, county, regional area or state. Operating subsidies help cover annual deficits arising as a result of rent limits and the costs of operations, including utilities that exceed scheduled rents.

Located on 9 sites in Nampa, Idaho, are 142 units owned and operated by Nampa Housing Authority. These units are leased to low-income families, seniors, and disabled applicants that pre-qualify for housing.

In February 2006 our office was moved from 1703 3rd Street North to our current Mary C.Baird Administration building located at 211 19th Ave. North. Our previous Elvin C. Fogleman administration building and three rooms in our current administration building are being leased to other community based organizations. Revenue generated from leasing the buildings help to maintain Nampa Housing Authority’s overhead.

Idaho Fair Housing law protects against discrimination in real estate transactions based on race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability, and familial status. Individuals are protected against discrimination in real estate transactions include advertising, showing, renting, leasing, buying, selling, and financing.

Mary C. Baird


Ms. Baird served for 21 years as Finance Manager and also served as acting Executive Director. Her services, devotion, and commitment to the residents of the Nampa Housing Authority, this building is dedicated as the Mary C. Baird Administrative Building.

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211 19th Avenue North, Nampa, ID 83687

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Nampa Housing Authority: A Historical Perspective


Congress conducted the first known study of slum conditions in the USA in 1892. This study revealed there was a less than adequate quality of housing and services available.

The Great Depression was the beginning of government involvement in private sector areas, including housing. To stimulate recovery from the Depression, Congress passed laws to provide jobs through the construction of public buildings and projects, which included housing for the working poor. The Housing Act of 1937 established a permanent Public Housing program and required states to create local Public Housing Authorities (PHA’s).
The State of Idaho incorporated Housing Authorities through Title 50-1905, and Nampa Housing Authority was incorporated on March 25, 1940 as a result of this action.

Due to World War II, actual construction of units did not begin until 1951, 75 units were built with 57 ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms; the additional 18 units are one-bedroom units and are considered elderly/disable units on the Northside.
The next phase of development took place in 1980. Forty-five units were added at three different sites in Nampa at Checola, Ivy, and Delaware.
In 1994 11 additional units were built in different areas of Nampa at the corner of 4th St N and 9th Ave N and on Hudson.
Another 11 units were built at New Ivy, Stanford Street, and Fairview Ave in 1994.


Services Provided

Low Income Housing
Nampa Housing provides housing in established units to low income individuals and families. It is the mission of NHA to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing under good repair. Nampa Housing does not provide emergency shelter and families are placed on waiting lists after completing an application. Preferences are given to individuals/families who are working, full time students, handicapped, disabled, or elderly (62+years). All preferences hold equal weight, and only one preference is given to each applicant. Once applicants reach the top of the waiting list, the applicant is notified by mail. The minimum rent is $50 a month, but may be more depending on the applicant’s income and family size.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program
Nampa Housing Authority has a Family Self-Sufficiency Program that residents of NHA may volunteer to participate in. The purpose of the program is to eliminate the need of a family to be dependent on cash assistance from federal, state, and local government. Each participant develops an Individual Training and Service Plan (ITSP) with a case manager to address barriers such as education, career path, transportation, and child care. The ITSP spans 5 years. As an individual or family earned income increases, their rent increases. The increased amount is placed in an escrow account for the individual or family that is received when the individual or family successfully graduates the FSS program. At this time, the largest escrow earned was over $25,000.

Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency Program
Nampa Housing Authority offers the ROSS Program to NHA residents. The ROSS Program’s main focus is to coordinate supportive services and other activities designed to help public housing residents attain economic and housing self-sufficiency. Within the ROSS Program is ROSS GOALS. GOALS stand for Gaining Opportunities of Lifelong Success. The program is a collaborative effort between NHA and many partners throughout the community. GOALS focus on the six essential pieces to maintaining self-sufficiency (Motivation & Inspiration, Employment, Education & Training, Financial Management, Health &Wellness and Personal Relationships) and providing classes, resources and mentors. Classes offered through NHA are FREE and available to residents as well as non-residents. Classes offered are as follows:

Self Esteem
This 6-week course focuses on self-esteem. This course assists participants in identifying past and present beliefs about themselves and subsequently discovering ways to build their self-esteem. This class is offered as needed for an hour and a half. Another class we provide is a beauty seminar that gives tips to skincare and applying makeup.

Financial Classes
We offer several financial planning and debt reduction classes throughout the course of the year. Some of these classes include: Debt Reduction, Financial Planning, and Money Management. These classes generally last for an hour each.

Adults interested in post-secondary education and are unsure where to start. TRIO can help by talking about your interests and reviewing a variety of program and school options. Receive assistance in completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as well as choosing the right school. This is offered up to four hours per month on an as needed basis.

Spring/Summer Program
The Summer Program is offered one month in the summer Monday-Friday. NHA partners with 4-H U of I Extension to provide fun and educational activities to children ages 5-17. The Summer Program includes activities such as robotics, arts & crafts, gardening, wildlife and healthy living.
The Spring Program is offered during the school Spring Break week and NHA also partner with 4H U of I Extension, along with the McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS). The Spring Program includes activities such as healthy eating, arts & crafts and activities around the MOSS program. Children who attend the program over the age of 13 are able to attend a free week of camp at MOSS in August.

After School Program
The After-School Program is offered during the school year, Monday – Friday from 3:00PM-4:45PM. The After-School Program provides participants with a snack, assistance on homework as well as occasional crafts and activities.

Resident Appreciation Day
Every year NHA staff serves over 300 residents a BBQ style lunch when we come together to show them our gratitude and appreciation. We provide activities for the children as well as the families and individuals with additional fun and games. Local businesses throughout the community provide donated raffle items for a free entry drawing. Prizes can range from free car washes to a pair of Boise State Football tickets.

Toys for Tots/Resident Christmas Gathering
Every holiday season, NHA teams up with the USMC Reserves to provide our residents with toys for children. Santa Claus delivers toys for all the children during the Christmas party. Our Board members, together with NHA staff, provide all of the goodies for those who join in the celebration. Additionally, each elderly resident receives a goodie bag delivered by the Executive Director.

Senior Services
For our seniors we provide a wide range of services and clubs for them to participate in, including Bingo, which is very highly attended. We have now added soup/salad twice a month to our bingo games. We also are very involved in connecting them with resources, to keep them self sufficient and to age in place. Such as care takers, transportation, and food access.

Books, Books, and Books
NHA partners with Book Rich Environment every year, the purpose of the partnership is for housing authorities to promote reading and awareness of their public library. By partnering with them we are committed to getting books into the hands of low-income children and the community. This year we received 2,400 brand new free books. We offer free books daily in our office to anyone that walks in. We have 13 mini libraries on our sites that we fill with these books. In the summer we partner with summer oasis feeding and hand out books. We also supply books to some of our community partners such as Nampa family Justice Center and Eyecare Associates of Nampa.

Weekly Low Impact Fitness Class
Low impact fitness class for everyone at any fitness level. Fun and upbeat. Easy on the joints, sit or stand; your choice a gentle low impact guaranteed to burn calories or strengthen muscles

Eat Smart Nutrition Class
The Eat Smart Idaho program is a UI Extension education program designed to help limited-resource adults learn how to stretch their food dollars to provide tasty and healthy meals for their families. Eat Smart Idaho teaches nutrition and consumer-related skills that lead to individual change.
The goal of Eat Smart Idaho is to increase the self-sufficiency of food stamp individuals and families through community-based, informal education. The program builds basic living skills and decision-making abilities and teaches the value of life-long learning.

Diabetes Class
Dining with Diabetes is a cooking school and nutrition education program designed for people with diabetes and their family members or caregivers.
In a series of four classes, cooking demonstrations will help you learn healthy techniques to use in your own kitchen. The program includes sampling healthy foods and discussion with a dietitian, plus a follow-up reunion class held at a later date.

Back to School Giveaway
Free backpacks and school supplies to NHA residents.

Coats for Kids
A partnership with Walmart to provide coats for NHA kids

Auto Mechanics 101
An auto mechanics basics class to help save a trip to the mechanics

CHIF Grant
A grant from St. Luke’s that NHA obtained that includes promoting physical and mental health. We have a minimum of 3 events happening this summer.

Clothing Closet Quarterly
We have a clothing drive of gently used clothing for NHA residents to take as they need.

Smoking Cessation
People who join smoking cessation classes double their chances of quitting. Be inspired to, get refocused and plan to quit with us!