About Nampa Housing Authority

Nampa Housing’s Mission is to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing under good repair. Public housing programs are administered at the local level by PHAs which are Non-Federal public agencies authorized by State legislation and generally established by the action of a town, city, county, regional area or state. Operating subsidies help cover annual deficits arising as a result of rent limits and the costs of operations, including utilities that exceed scheduled rents.

Located on 9 scattered sites in Nampa, Idaho, are 142 units owned and operated by Nampa Housing Authority. These units are leased to low-income families, seniors, and disabled applicants that pre-qualify for housing.

In February 2006 our office was moved from 1703 3rd Street North to our current Mary C.Baird Administration building located at 211 19th Ave. North. Our previous Elvin C. Fogleman administration building and three rooms in our current administration building are being leased to other community based organizations. Revenue generated from leasing the buildings help to maintain Nampa Housing Authority’s overhead.

Idaho Fair Housing law protects individuals against discrimination in real estate transactions based on race, sex, religion, national origin, and disability. Individuals are protected against discrimination in real estate transactions include advertising, showing, renting, leasing, buying, selling, and financing.

Mary C. Baird


Ms. Baird served for 21 years as Finance Manager and also served as acting Executive Director. Her services, devotion, and commitment to the residents of the Nampa Housing Authority, this building is dedicated as the Mary C. Baird Administrative Building.

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